FAQ sur le plan de développement

FAQS - Kilkenny City and County Development Plan 2021-2027

1. What is the Development Plan and how long is it in place for?

The Development Plan is a statutory[1] document and sets out the planning and development policies and objectives for Kilkenny City and County for the next six years.

The 2021-2027 Development Plan came into effect on the 15th October 2021 and will remain in place until 2027.

Each planning application lodged from the 15th October 2021 will be assessed under the content of the 2021-2027 City and County Development Plan.

The plan is made up of 2 Volumes; Volume 1 and Volume 2 and is accompanied by appendices.


The Plan has been subject to a Draft Ministerial Direction and as a result the following sections have not come into effect:

  • - Section 11.4 Kilkenny Targets
  • - Section 11.5.1 Current Status and Targets
  • - Figure 11.4 Wind Strategy Areas

[1] Statutory - the written law established  by enactments expressing the will of the legislature, as distinguished from the unwritten law or common law.

2. What happens with the 2014 City and County Development Plans?

From the 15th October 2021 the 2014 Kilkenny County and Kilkenny City and Environs Development Plans are no longer in place. From this date all planning decisions will be assessed under one plan, the 2021-2027 Kilkenny City and County Development Plan.


3. What is the Draft Ministerial Direction and what is the process?

On the 15th October 2021 the Office of the Planning Regulator (OPR) made a recommendation to the Minister of State at the Department of the Housing, Local Government and Heritage stating that the adopted Plan was not made in a manner consistent with recommendations of the OPR, which required specific changes to ensure consistency with the Specific Planning Policy Requirement contained in the Interim Guidelines for Planning Authorities on Statutory Plans, Renewable Energy and Climate Change (July 2017) published by the Minister under Section 28 of the Planning and Development Act; specifically the Development Plan did not indicate how the implementation of the Development Plan over its effective period contributed to realising overall national targets on renewable energy and climate change mitigation and in particular wind energy production and the potential wind energy resource (in megawatts). 

A public consultation period was held from the 29th October to the 12th November, 2021.

A report was prepared by the Chief Executive setting out a response and sent to the Minister. It is now the responsibility of the Minister to decide on whether or not to make a Direction.

There is no time line set out in planning legislation for the Ministerial Direction.

4. Is there a separate Plan for the City?

The 2021 - 2027 Development Plan is one document, made up of two Volumes; Volume 1 sets out the overarching policies for the City and County such as Climate change, transport, heritage and Volume 2 sets of the planning policies particular to the City area but in the context  of the policies set out in Volume 1. There is no separate document for the City.

The land use zoning map for Kilkenny City (Figure CS4) can be found in an A3 version on the last page of Volume 2. The GIS map viewer has also been updated to correspond with the new Kilkenny City zoning map. 

The land use zoning map for the City contains various different land use zoning types which gives an indication of what type of development is acceptable within each land use objective. Each of these land use zoning objectives is set out in Volume 2, Section 2.9.1.

The land use zoning map for the City includes objectives (denoted as Z1 etc). These are specific objectives for certain areas of the City. The text explaining each of these objectives is set out in Volume 2, Section 2.9.17.

5. Where can I find the Rural Housing Policy?

The Rural Housing Policy is set out in Volume 1, Section 7.8. The rural housing strategy map (Figure 7.1) can also be found in this section. 

6. What are the differences relating to rural housing, from the previous plan, if any?

In this Plan there are only two categories namely, Areas Under Urban Influence (Pink) and Other Rural Areas (Blue). The criteria for each of these areas is set out in Volume 1, Section 7.8.4.

Volume 1, Chapter 4, Section 4.6 includes settlement boundary maps for 22 Rural Towns and Villages throughout the County (See Table 4.3). The rural housing policy does not apply dans les the red line boundary of these settlement maps. If the applicant wishes to apply for a one-off dwelling outside of the red line boundary they must comply with the rural housing policy and refer to Section 7.8 of the Plan. 

7. Has there been any changes to Architectural Conservation Areas (ACA’s)?

Yes, the ACA boundaries for some areas has been amended and new ACA areas have also been included.

Volume 1, Section includes text and maps for each ACA in the County

Volume 2, Section 4.5 includes text and maps for each ACA in the City.

The Record of Protected Structures (RPS) is set out in Appendix I for the County and Appendix J for the City.

8. Has there been any changes to the Local Area Plans?

Non. Plans de zone locale for each of the following District Towns remain in place:

  • Callan
  • Castlecomer
  • Thomastown
  • Graiguenamanagh-Tinnahinch
  • Ferrybank-Belview

Each of the above Plans are available to view ici.

The LAPs for Callan, Thomastown, and Castlecomer will have to be amended to align with population targets set out in the City & County Development Plan 2021-2027.

It is intended to commence a full review of the Ferrybank-Belview LAP in 2022. This is a separate process to the Development Plan and will include public consultation periods where members of the public will be invited to make submissions.

9. Where can I find recommended standards etc for new development?

All development management standards are set out in Volume 1, Chapter 13.

Chapter 13 deals with car parking recommendations, building heights, bin storage, separation distances etc, for developments.

10. Applicant submits further information for a planning application lodged prior to the 15th October 2021 i.e. date the 2021-2027 Development Plan coming into effect. Under which Plan is it assessed?

The planner will now assess the application on the adopted policy and objectives of the 2021-2027 Development Plan having regard to the overall proper planning and sustainable development of the area. The 2014 Development Plan cannot be considered.

11. Where can I find the 2021-2027 City and County Development Plan?

The plan is available here: https://www.kilkennycoco.ie/eng/services/planning/development-plans/city-and-county-development-plan/adopted-city-and-county-development-plan.html


Hard copies of the Plan are also available to purchase at the following fee:

Volume 1 & 2 €30.00

Appendices €63.00


A hard copy is also available at the public counter of the Planning Department if any member of the public would like to come in and view it.


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